Sunday, July 15, 2007

Seven Things About me

Argh! I typed my whole response to Not-so-Single Girl in the South's seven random things about me and when I tried to publish it...poof! Gone!

So here goes again...

(1) I'm obsessed with all things trivia. From Trivial Pursuit to the World Series of Pop Culture to NTN Trivia, I love it all.
(2) I still squeal when I spot John Krasinski on any tv show or movie trailer. I totally didn't expect him to pop up in The Holiday!!! Hehe, yes I am BEHIND.
(3) I love reading recipies but rarely use them.
(4) I didn't really learn how to cook until I moved to Chicago. Now I really enjoy it and like to find ways to make my favorite take-out food at home.
(5) I am an NPR nerd.
(6) When I drink water, I always spill a little on me.
(7) I think Rob & Big are stupidly hilarious.

I would like to tag my sis (if she still reads this!)