Sunday, October 22, 2006

An Acclimated Chicagoan

As a southern transplant to Chicago, I always wondered when it would feel like I really lived here. Where I felt like it was a home (obviously can't be like my actual HOME in Florida, but you know what I mean). Here are some ways that I realized I had settled in here:

(1) I knew multiple ways to get from Point A to Point B on the CTA without consulting This is especially helpful if there is an accident on LSD or major delays on the train.

(2) I had developed an educated opinion about where to get the best deep dish in the city (Lou Malnati's of course).

(3) I could easily identify a Trixie or Chad by sight and name at least three bars where they can be found.

(4) I could shout my order quickly at Potbelly's.

(5) I got slightly irritated at suburbanites trying to figure out the turnstile at the eL station.

(6) I knew the difference between fans at the Cell vs. the Friendly Confines (i.e. US Cellular vs. Wrigley Field).

(7) I wasn't surprised to read about the Mob in the Trib.

(8) I memorized the Empire Carpet commercial *sings 588-2300 EMPIIIIIRE*

(9) I relate all my downtown directions to State and Madison.

(10) I could distinguish between 312, 773, 847, 708, and 630.

I wonder how long I'll retain this info when I move back to the FLA?

Any Chicagoans reading my blog? Add to the list!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I'm a tad worried about finding someone to sublet my place. So if any of my readers are interested in a 1br sublet in Wrigleyville from December to June, please leave a comment or email me. Thanks!

**Clarification: For my non Chicagoans blogging friends, Wrigleyville is a neighborhood within the bigger neighborhood of Lakeview in Chicago, north of Downtown. I live within a block or 2 or Wrigley Field. There are also around 20+bars and restaurant within a couple of blocks of my place.

Here is a Wiki entry on my 'hood:

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Random Chicago-y Things...

It's been a particularly trying week so I'm sorry I haven't blogged anything cool lately! I don't have enough for a posting on one particular item, but I have some bits and pieces so here goes...

(1) Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins at the Vic Theatre - Chicago has some fantastic musical venues. Intimate, historical and just plain cool. One of these cool theatres is the Vic. When they don't have concerts, they do a Brew and View where you can drink beer and watch second-run (out of the mainstream theaters) movies. However on this occasion, I had the opportunity to see one of my new favorite performers, Jenny Lewis (lead singer of Rilo Kiley). Jenny was actually a child actress. She was in one of my childhood faves, Troop Beverly Hills. Now, she is a singer, who likes to dabble in a fun mix of indie rock and country.

(2) Brunch is my favorite time of the week - Sunday brunches have been my favorite times of my week for several years. Back in Florida, this is the time that I would see my close friends, catch up on the week, and eat tasty brunch food without worrying that I was going to be late to work. I've tried to continue this tradition while in Chicago. Luckily, I have found some friends who also enjoy this leisurely Sunday activity. There are several tasty and quirky places in the city to enjoy brunch. Two notable places are M. Henry and Tweet.

Both places are located in the Northside neighborhoods (M. Henry on the border of Edgewater and Andersonville; Tweet in Uptown). Both serve fresh, organic and inventive brunch menus. As well, both places typically have a long, yet well worth it wait. I love the quirky, artistic atmosphere as well. I also like that both places are so not typical Wrigleyville/Lincoln Park Chicago. There are no tvs blaring in the background. The crowd is eclectic. Plus the food. Can't stop thinking about the food!!

(3) Crawling for dessert? - While waiting to be sat at M. Henry, I saw a sign for a Dessert Crawl in Andersonville next Saturday from 7p-10p. For $20 per person, you can visit over 15 restaurants in the 'hood and try different desserts. There are some amazing pastry places in Andersonville so I can't pass this up. I also like the idea that this is a food crawl instead of a pub crawl. Sure a few more calories, but I know I won't be a drunken mess after this event.

So in some non Chicago news, I'm definitely moving home in December! So this blog as I currently have it won't continue since I won't be a Southern Gal in the Windy City. Any ideas on what I should blog about??

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Can someone please call my management company and tell them to turn the heat on? I'm dying here!

I was spoiled in my last apartment. The majority of my neighbors were nice little elderly folks so they tended to heat the building early in the season.

Now I know why heat is included in my rent. Because they aren't going to turn it on!!!

For tomorrow, first snow! I will take time to appreciate it this time around as my days here are numbered :)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

What a lovely day to...

frolick in the country?

Yes, you read it right. This city gal spent her Saturday enjoying some of the best parts outside of Chicago. The day started with apple picking at the All Season Orchard . All Season is located in Woodstock, IL, roughly 55 miles northwest of the city. At this orchard, you purchase a bag that can hold half a bushel (around 25 lbs!) of apples and it's 100% "U-pick-'em". For those who don't want to pick their own apples, you can buy apples in the general store at the front of the orchard. You can also purchase goodies such as unprocessed honey, lots of apple-based bottled sauces, and most importantly--apple cider donuts! It was such a great, sunny day and completely enjoyable to be outside, playing among the 7,000 apple trees (!!!).

After apple picking, we ended up (thanks in part to a call to my boyfriend for directions) at another Chicago suburban legend, Hackney's. Hackney's is a family owned and operated restaurant chain that has been in buisiness since the 1930s. We dined at the Glenview location on E. Lake, which is one of six area locations. They are known for their burgers and onion loafs. Burgers were excellent, incredibly flavorful and juicy. The onion loaf was a bit overdone for my taste, but it was still pretty good.

While winding back down Sheridan Rd. towards the city, we stopped at the amazing Baha'i Temple in Wilmette. This architecturally impressive temple is the only one of its kind in the US. There are nine Baha'i temples around the world, in countries such as Panama and Australia. The temple is open to all and is surround by tranquil gardens. Situated in the ritzy suburb Wilmette, it definitely stands out among the traditional Victorian and early American style homes. The most impressive part of the temple was the inside. Looking into the intricate details of the ceiling almost made me weak in the knees.

So Chicago visitors and natives alike, take the time to explore the areas outside the city. Chicagoland isn't just about skyscrapers and deep dish pizza!