Sunday, October 01, 2006

What a lovely day to...

frolick in the country?

Yes, you read it right. This city gal spent her Saturday enjoying some of the best parts outside of Chicago. The day started with apple picking at the All Season Orchard . All Season is located in Woodstock, IL, roughly 55 miles northwest of the city. At this orchard, you purchase a bag that can hold half a bushel (around 25 lbs!) of apples and it's 100% "U-pick-'em". For those who don't want to pick their own apples, you can buy apples in the general store at the front of the orchard. You can also purchase goodies such as unprocessed honey, lots of apple-based bottled sauces, and most importantly--apple cider donuts! It was such a great, sunny day and completely enjoyable to be outside, playing among the 7,000 apple trees (!!!).

After apple picking, we ended up (thanks in part to a call to my boyfriend for directions) at another Chicago suburban legend, Hackney's. Hackney's is a family owned and operated restaurant chain that has been in buisiness since the 1930s. We dined at the Glenview location on E. Lake, which is one of six area locations. They are known for their burgers and onion loafs. Burgers were excellent, incredibly flavorful and juicy. The onion loaf was a bit overdone for my taste, but it was still pretty good.

While winding back down Sheridan Rd. towards the city, we stopped at the amazing Baha'i Temple in Wilmette. This architecturally impressive temple is the only one of its kind in the US. There are nine Baha'i temples around the world, in countries such as Panama and Australia. The temple is open to all and is surround by tranquil gardens. Situated in the ritzy suburb Wilmette, it definitely stands out among the traditional Victorian and early American style homes. The most impressive part of the temple was the inside. Looking into the intricate details of the ceiling almost made me weak in the knees.

So Chicago visitors and natives alike, take the time to explore the areas outside the city. Chicagoland isn't just about skyscrapers and deep dish pizza!


Andie said...

I'm jealous. i wanna go apple picking. :)

Karyn said...

Ha h. Thank for your comment earlier. What is your favorite Chicago pizza? Mine is Lou Malnati's, cheese. Mmmmmmm!