Friday, September 29, 2006

Chicago Wish List

I have had a lot of great experiences while living in Chicago, but I still have a list of things I would like to do here, including:

1. See a movie at The Music Box
2. Eat brunch at the Four Seasons or have tea at the Drake
3. Watch a drag show at The Baton
4. Go to the Museum of Science and Industry
5. Listen to jazz at the Green Mill
6. Walk on lakefront path from Oak Street Beach all the way to Foster Ave. Beach (running out of time since it is getting cold soon!)

I used to have apple picking on my list, but thanks to a good friend of mine, I'm going to do this tomorrow!

1 comment:

needsleepbadly said...

Great wishlist! I've had afternoon tea at the Peninsula Hotel in downtown Chicago, very swanky! You'll have your pinkies up in no time! :)

I heard the Kit Kat Club up north on Clark Street had a great drag show and you can have dinner there as well...just an alternative to The Baton. I've been there and the performers are incredible! Brings lots of dollar bills!! :)

Before you leave Chicago you definitely need to go to Super Dawg, if you haven't already. Best dogs, burgers and fries in town! The best part is the car hops that bring your grub to your car. Yum!