Monday, September 18, 2006

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of a Chicago Fall

I just returned from a wonderful long weekend in Florida. My return was met with the the light crispness of an inevitable fall. Aside from my body not liking the 25 degree drop in weather, I'm a fan of the change in seasons. Some would argue that Chicago only has two seasons: Winter and Construction. However, I am a girl from Sunny Florida, where Septembers are marked by a drop in temp from 95 to 89 degrees. Anything below 70's feels like fall to me.

So here it is...the good, the bad and the ugly of fall...

Good: Football (College and NFL); knee high boots; Fall TV
Bad: Putting away the flip flops; Shorter days; End of the Daley Plaza Farmers Market
Ugly: Wet jean bottoms caused by puddles; Sinus misery; Umbrellas that can't stand up to the wind

It is my last Chicago fall. This Southern girl is headed home hopefully by the end of the year!

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Save Sheila said...

I hope you make it home, too! I'm a Southern girl (I've always lived in the South, not necessarily where I am now) and I love it here. We do have winter where I am, but no snow, which is OK with me. I like fall, but I miss warm weather, flip flops (I don't polish my toenails in the winter), and long days.