Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Chicago Cheap Eats

Chicago's Citysearch page published a list of top cheap eats in Chicago. Here is the story:


One of my favorites (Potbelly's) made the list. You'd be hard pressed not to stumble across a Potbelly's during a trip to the Windy City. Like many other cities and their local foods, it helps to know how to order a Potbelly's sandwich. Potbelly's is insanely efficient. You could be 10 people back from the actual order counter and have your order taken. Skinny..Regular or Wheat...and don't tell the first person what you want on your sandwich...that's the second person's job to dress your sandwich. You catch my drift. My personal favorites include Turkey or Chicken Salad on Wheat, Skinny (1/3 less bread).

Another cheap eat in Chicago is found at numerous neighborhood bars. The famous $1 burger. Monday's are a popular day to offer this special. From Kincade's in Lincoln Park (you can upgrade to a Deluxe Burger with fries for $2) to The Dark Horse in Wrigleyville to Celtic Crown in the outskirts of Lincoln Square...the $1 burger is a popular cheap eat.

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