Saturday, September 23, 2006

Advice for a newbie to the "City of Big Shoulders"

Before I start, has anyone else heard Chicago referred to as the "City of Big Shoulders"? I heard that for the first time last week. I haven't tried researching where this name came from though.

My sis just moved to New England for school. As well, a friend of mine just moved here from Austin, TX. Both my friend and sis are lifetime southerners. I've been advising them on what they should buy to prepare for winter and thought i may make an interesting blog post. Or not. Oh well, too late..because I've already started!

(1) Thick, water resistant, Down Coat with a hood for the 30 degrees and lower days. If you want a higher end coat ($250+), North Face is pretty popular. This style in particular is regularly seen on the city street. However, if you are a little more economical --around $100 (me! me!), Lands End has some great coats. This is similar to the one I got last year.

(2) A lighter coat for those 40-50 degrees days. There is a little more flexibility in this area, since you could go with a leather coat, a lighter down coat, corduroy, etc. For in person shopping, I like Nordstroms Rack and TJ Maxx for bargains; Fields (errr--now Macy's) for mid range...For high end, any of the other department stores would work.

(3) Cute but functional rain boots. I"m actually on a search for a pair of these right now. I figure that I can use them when I move home too. I know. They sound incredibly dorky, but you know how I hate wet pant legs. I found this pair as well as this one at Target's website.

(4) Lined boots to wear while trying not to fall on the sidewalk. Now if you buy the right pair of boots, you shouldn't have this problem. I got a shearling lined pair of ankle boots from LL Bean last winter and they were awesome. Now how can I write about winter boots without mentioning the infamous Uggs. I'm sure they are very comfortable. In the right wintery environment, I bet they do a great job keeping your toes nice and warm. However, when girls started wearing them in all types of weather...even with shorts? YUCK.

(5) Wool Hats, Scarves (of various colors, thickness etc), and gloves (cheap ones, if you are like me and lose them all the time!)

(6) And for God's sake, cover your ears! Traditional ear muffs are kinda dorky. Luckily, there are more options these days. I used to have a pair of 180s but my hair is so thick that they wouldn't stay on. I used the headband thingy that people wear when they ski to keep my ears from getting frosty.

(7) Lots of long sleeves cotton shirts. Layers baby layers. That thick sweater will feel like a light cotton tank top when it is 15 degrees outside. Gotta layer --the wind cuts right through you!

Luckily, I'm enjoying 60 degree weather right now. I did pull my winter clothes suitcase out, but in defiance, I have left the bag unopened on my living room floor.


Ched said...

What a tumultuous tale. The windy city of shoulders? Interesting.

Andie said...

I wish I had a winter to worry about.

my winter coat is a leather blazer. LOL I don't think I'll ever need a "down" jacket in Southeast Louisiana.

I envy the fact that you have four distinguishable seasons!