Monday, September 11, 2006

Local Music Scene: Jenny Gillespie

Chicago is a hotbed for local talent. On any given evening, you can hear local artists in every neighborhood of the city. No matter if you like jazz, blues, emo, rock, country, hip-hop or some amalgam of the aforementioned, you can find a venue and an artist to entertain you. I've heard a lot of good local musicians, but I'd like to highlight one of my faves: Jenny Gillespie.

Jenny is a singer/songwriter whom I met through her sister. She sings the loveliest songs of the rich, folky variety. If you are a fan of Aimee Mann and Joni Mitchell, you'll enjoy her songs. She likes to sing about the places she's been and the dreams she has. I recently had the opportunity to see her perform live at Uncommon Ground. The combination of her talented vocals, sensitive words, and intimate setting made for a wonderful way to spend a rainy Thursday evening.

You can find Jenny's music on iTunes. She has an EP called "Love and Ammunition" as well as an self-titled acoustic effort. My favorite song of hers is Mountain Laurel. Aside from listening to the snippets on iTunes, you can check out her MySpace page here.

Check it out! Hope you enjoy...

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