Sunday, October 22, 2006

An Acclimated Chicagoan

As a southern transplant to Chicago, I always wondered when it would feel like I really lived here. Where I felt like it was a home (obviously can't be like my actual HOME in Florida, but you know what I mean). Here are some ways that I realized I had settled in here:

(1) I knew multiple ways to get from Point A to Point B on the CTA without consulting This is especially helpful if there is an accident on LSD or major delays on the train.

(2) I had developed an educated opinion about where to get the best deep dish in the city (Lou Malnati's of course).

(3) I could easily identify a Trixie or Chad by sight and name at least three bars where they can be found.

(4) I could shout my order quickly at Potbelly's.

(5) I got slightly irritated at suburbanites trying to figure out the turnstile at the eL station.

(6) I knew the difference between fans at the Cell vs. the Friendly Confines (i.e. US Cellular vs. Wrigley Field).

(7) I wasn't surprised to read about the Mob in the Trib.

(8) I memorized the Empire Carpet commercial *sings 588-2300 EMPIIIIIRE*

(9) I relate all my downtown directions to State and Madison.

(10) I could distinguish between 312, 773, 847, 708, and 630.

I wonder how long I'll retain this info when I move back to the FLA?

Any Chicagoans reading my blog? Add to the list!


Bram Fiebelkorn said...
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Bram Fiebelkorn said...

Chi-town sounds like fun! When I get back from the dirty south, I'll probably make a visit up there. A good friend of mine moved there years ago with his Venezuelan wife - he loves it. I want to check out Lou Malnati's. yum