Thursday, November 02, 2006

eL Etiquette

While riding the Red Line into work today, I witnessed several eL etiquette atrocities. I saw several girls using their big Kate Spade/Coach/Louis Vuitton bags as weapons. The big bag is an essential in Chicago, as many of us don't have a car to use to schlep our stuff around. However, the big bag should never, and I repeat NEVER be used as a weapon. Many girls on the eL today used their bags to push against people as they manuevered their way into the car. Also many girls used their bags to establish their personal space zone. When you are packed like sardines in a car, there IS NO personal space. We are all just trying to make it into work without being too late. Could you just put your bag down or at least not use it to hurt someone?

I also saw a pregnant girl (at least 6 months) who had to stand because no one would give up their seat for her. I too was standing so I had no seat to give her. Everyone was concentrating a little too hard on listening to their iPods, reading their RedEye, or staring blankly into space. I even saw seated people look straight at her and not even flinch to give up their seat. I swear this happens on a weekly basis.

When we pulled into the Grand spot, there was a girl who shoved people out of her way to get out of the car. Mind you, these people were already in the process of moving for her and she just couldn't wait. Again, we know--you are late to work because the eL was delayed at Fullerton for like 10 minutes. But come on, the shoving isn't necessary.

So please..there is no need to shove or use fashionable accessories as weapons on the eL. And for goodness sakes, if you see a pregnant woman or an elderly person stading on the eL, give them your seat!

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