Thursday, November 02, 2006

Da Bears are Da Best?

So the Chicago Bears have had a perfect season. They have had more than their share of shutouts. However I really don't think that the Bears' perfect record is that impressive. Okay, hold on to that tomato for just a second. I like the Bears. I really do. I've been watching Rex Grossman since his days at UF. They are a good team. But Super Bowl bound great? Hmm..not so sure.

Why would I make such a statement against the beloved Chicago Bears? This is the primary reason. They are in a weak division. Let's look back at who they have played so far:

  • Seattle Seahawks - after Shaun Alexander was out (Final Score 37-6; Seahawks current record: 4-3)

None of these teams are especially steller. In all honestly, the Bears are in the weakest division on the NFL (the NFC North). The Bears have been playing pretty sucky team so of course they have been winning. The Cardinals game was the DIRTIEST win ever. Grossman and those interceptions. Don't even get me started. They should NOT have won that game. The Bears play the Miami Dolphins (1-6) this Sunday and again, I'm sure they will kill them. But this easy schedule is the worst thing that could happen to the Bears. They have a tough couple of games coming to them after the Dolphins game, which include the NY Giants (oh Eli--I heart him) and the New England Patriots. I will happily change my outlook about Da Bears if they can win against these two strong teams. The undefeated record would actually be meaningful to me if it has been maintained come December.

Let's imagine that the Bears do make it to the playoffs. I would be very interested to see how they stack up against the following teams: Indianapolis Colts, Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, and Baltimore Ravens.

A Bears/Colts playoff game? Bring it on!

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Save Sheila said...

I'd say Go Falcons, but I know better! Atlanta rocks; their teams don't necessarily do that.ha