Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Soul Singing Santa

I was at the Thompson Center today, at the post office. On my way back to work, I decided to pick up some tasty Pumpkin Soup at Au Bon Pain. While waiting to cross the street, I saw the Soul Singing Santa. It's a guy dressed as Santa who sings soul music, like Al Green and Lou Rawls. He has a little sound system with his backup music. Now I love this music! It always puts me in a great mood. And Soul Singing Santa actually has a great voice too! So I gave him a buck. I normally don't tip street performers (except the Puppet Bike), but I had to make an exception for this guy!

1 comment:

Andie said...

We have TONS of street performers here. I always try to give them a buck...

hope you're enjoying your snowy weather up there!