Friday, November 10, 2006

Countdown to Sunshine

The apartment is on its way to being subletted (in the tenant application phase), I've scheduled movers, and I'm transitioning my work duties to someone else on my team. The countdown is on!

I suppose I could get sentimental about the city of Chicago during this post, but I've decided to concentrate on the lighter side of things.

Today's focus : The Drinking Glove

Say What?

The drinking glove is a necessity in Chicago when the temperature dips below 50. This is half the year. With the barrage of pub crawls that occur in the fall months, it is a necessity to have a drinking glove to wear on your hand to hold your beverage of choice. Also, think of all the tailgating that is done up in the Midwest. You need the drinking glove or your hand will be so numb that you won't be able to hold a beer. Best use of a drinking glove was during the Southside Irish Parade. You would see people not wearing jackets or scraves, but lo and behold, the drinking glove will be ever present. It's the one item you don't lose no matter how drunk you get.


Save Sheila said...

I'm kinda glad it doesn't get cold enough to need a drinking glove here! We can go at it full throttle bare handed! (I added you to my blog list on my blog, too.)

LeighAnn said...

Wow! I will have to get one of those for when I eat a pint of Ben & Jerrys!