Sunday, February 19, 2006

I love lists

I like to waste my time by making as many lists as possible. One list I haven't made in a while is a list of my favorite places to eat in Chicago. Prety much--I just like talking about food :)

Top 5 places to chow down in Chi town
(5) Star of Siam on Illinois and State - Excellent food at supposedly the oldest Thai restaurant in the city. Incredibly reasonable prices...tasty Rama chicken (chicken and broccoli in peanut curry)
(4) Wildfire (somewhere in River North--I always forget)- They have this trio of filets where you can pick your topping. Good lord, I would almost forgo sex if I could eat here everyday --just kidding. Also try their creamed spinach!
(3) Dine (in the Crowne Pointe Hotel on Madison) - Comfort food taken up a level. Amazing meatloaf and TRUFFLED mashed potatoes. "Coffee and Donuts" for dessert. This is a new favorite...go before everyone discovers what a find it is!
(2) Tsunami on Dearborn near Division - My roomie and I can't get enough of their sushi. Definitely not a casual sushi bar, but worth the price. Rumor has it, Jeremy Piven is a fan :)
(1) Tufano's Vernon Tap Place (somewhere near UIC's campus) - Old school Italian at its best. I imagine this is what most of Little Italy was like before Bar Louie and the condos came in. The calamari is to die for; the vodka sauce over tortellini is divine.

Yum! I did have an amazing meal last night while visiting my man back in Florida. Bonefish Grill--I know--part of the Outback chain, but don't knock it till you try it!

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