Friday, December 07, 2007


I hate being lactose intolerant.


That is all.


Lesli said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog tonight (Likes and Dislikes!). I always read yours....

It feels like nobody else is out there in bloggerland tonight with the holidays & all.

Merry Christmas!


GatorGirlintheCity said...

I've been reading your older posts tonight! I have been going a little nuts because of the lack of blog postings!

Also, I find it hilarious that I wrote that I love Cheese in your comments but my last blog posting was about being lactose intolerant! LOL I don't let that stop me!!

Lesli said...

I really appreciate your reading my blog tonight. I too am going nuts from the lack of others' blogging and lack of comments! I just linked to you--I put you in my favorite blogs which I have been meaning to do for awhile. You are still under Gator Girl--I haven't changed you to Tales of a Southern Girl!

Andie said...

You know.... I *think* I may be lactose intolerant as well. I just can't give up cheese though! If I gave up cheese, I'd be miserable. I live for good cheese, like brie, gruyere, and of course, my favorite- parmigiana reggiano!