Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's been a while!

The Holidays are over and my somewhat normal schedule is slowly reappearing. The theme of my holiday was cooking and entertaining.

We held two holiday dinners at our humble abode. The first one was on Christmas Eve. I had my first sit-down, somewhat formal dinner. I'm talking china... tablecloths + coordinating fabric placemats and napkins. Our families came over for dinner and it was a success! I was smart and accepted any help that was offered. I only had to cook/glaze the ham and make the green bean casserole. All the other goodies were brought. The table loked beautiful too! I even had a holiday centerpiece. My motif was a rich dark wintery blue and silver. Yes. I'm a dork!

The second party was much easier. NYE with a few friends, heavy appetizers and lots of beer. I rocked Paula Deen's curry chicken salad recipe. I also had some devlied eggs (duh-- we are in the South), lumpia (Filipino Eggrolls), a winter salad with walnuts, gorgonzola and cranberries complete with a from scratch dressing, chips and salsa and brownie cupcakes.

We got our first tree compliments of my dad and trimmed with a mix of donated and personal ornaments. I even had a mantle to decorate. :)

Hope your holidays were wonderful!

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