Monday, December 18, 2006


I've been waiting to hear back from this local university about a position. I had made the top 5 and thought I had a pretty good chance to get the position. I hadn't heard anything--and I know that in Recruiting--silence is deafening. Anyway, since I am also an alum of the school, I receive monthly newsletters from the College. I check my email today and lo and behold, another newsletter. I start reading it and see there is a story about the position I interviewed for. No surprise that there was an interview with the person who would be running ths center, aka the person who got the job over me. I'm pretty bummed. I mean, luckily I have my current job still and I have other employment options. HOwever I'm disappointed that I didn't even get a call saying thanks, but no thanks. Or a letter. I mean--SOMETHING.

The person who got the position is very qualified and actually already works for the university. So c'est la vie I suppose.

I'm gonna pout a little more then just let it go...

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Andie said...

so sorry to hear this news! Hopefully there's something better waiting out there for you!