Sunday, September 21, 2008

Really? 5 months already??

My hubby and I have been married 5 months as of Friday. Can't believe time has flown by so quickly!

We unintentionally celebrated with steak sandwiches and an amazing bottle of 2006 Phantom Blend by the Bogle Vineyards. Married life has been amazing so far. I lived with my husband before we got hitched, but it does feel different for the better now that we are married!

Otherwise the weekend was jam packed! I went to an Obama rally with my friend Neighbor Lindsay and her sister. Then I had an amazing reunion dinner with 3 friends from high school.

Sunday was spent cooking, watching football with my hubby, and reading new magazines. Bliss!


SouthernGal said...

Gee! Time really does fly!

Sounds like you had a very nice weekend. How was your reunion?

Andie said...

time does fly. this coming saturday, hubby & I are celebrating our 6 year anniversary!

Congratulations, and happy anniversary!

Diana said...

Congrats!! :)

The Working Girl said...

Hooray for our fantastic Obama outing. Go read my latest post about happening on the rebel side of Bishop's Court. You're missing all the action!!

Neighbor Linds