Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Update!

I didn't have any huge plans this weekend and that has been a godsend. I spent the weekend doing my favorite things: Green Market with my neighbor (Hi!!), Reading through my stack of books from the Library, Watching Football and Cooking with my husband. Gone are the weekends of drinking WAY too much and waking up when the day is half over. I personally love being up early to enjoy the quiet of the morning or cook breakfast. This morning, I did the latter as my father in law was over to help us put in a new toilet (thanks Mom and Dad!) and the men needed the bacon and buttermilk pancakes to keep them working!

Now it's time to prepare for Monday ...and for the new episode of Mad Men! Woot!

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Andie said...

so what are your thoughts on mad men this season so far? What about the end of the episode? I was loving it. I can't wait for next week's!