Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TV, DVD and me (Thanks Kimba!)

I've been in a blogging funk lately. I'm still keeping up with my faves via Google Reader (Hi Andie and Diana!), but I haven't been all that inspired. However while reading one of my favorite blogs All About Kimba, her tv post was light and fun and just the thing to ease me back into blogging.

What I'm watching (and DVR'ing)

The Amazing Race
Kings (giving this a shot!)

The Big Bang Theory
How I Met Your Mother
Gossip Girl (DVR'd and watched usually on Wednesdays)

Biggest Loser

I used to watch Dirty Sexy Money but that has left us :(

The Office
30 Rock
Millionaire Matchmaker ::hangs head in shame::

Friday (Yes I'm lame like that)

Honorable Mentions:
Jon and Kate Plus 8
House Hunters
My First Place
What Not to Wear
No Reservations
Iron Chef

DVR'd - recording is set in case we have time to catch up
Barefoot Contessa
Everyday Italian
Basically--I'm all about the Food Network!


Diana said...

Hiya Gatorgirl! Great to see you blogging again.

I'm a tv junkie myself...Food Network rules! I just got through two 3.5 hour flights (Chicago to Cali and back) and thank GOD their little tv's in the headrests features my two fave channels -- Bravo and The Food Network! YAY! :)

Andie said...

Good to see you!

I can't wait for mad men to come back. :)