Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I heart Salad Spinners and GeekDating 101

I must rave about my favorite Chicago lunch spot, Salad Spinners at the AON Center on Randolph. Aside from their tasty Sunsplash salad (extra chicken!), I have realized that they are very customer oriented as well. I ordered my salad online for pick up. When I got to the store, I had a little bit of a wait until they could ring me up. The cashier was on the phone taking a lunch order. I didn't mine as I was listening to my favorite podcast Geek Dating 101. When they finally got to me (only waited 2 minutes), I wanted to add soup and a drink to my meal. They gave them to me for free! When they told me my total, it was just for the salad. I asked about the soup and drink and they said not to worry about it! They rock. Also, props to their delicious Butternut Squash soup! Sweet and just can't go wrong!

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