Wednesday, July 26, 2006

ComEd is kinda dumb

When I moved from LSD (Lake Shore Dr., not the drug!!) to Wrigleyville, I had to switch the utilities over to the new digs. In this day and age, you can do all of this online. So I went to the ComEd site back in the middle of May and completed the necessary information. I even got an email confirming that they received everything. Electric was working just fine.

Now we are at the end of July and I had not received an electric bill from ComEd yet. When I checked my mail yesterday, I got a letter from ComEd saying "We know someone is using electricity at your apartment, but we do not have any information on the tenant." I'm thinking, well, guess my info never was received. So I call ComEd and they in fact do have me in the system and know that I live where I live. They just never linked my USAGE of electricity to my actual account. Yeah, they are kinda dumb. So I'm not going to get my 1st bill until the middle of AUGUST and it will be backdated to May. Yikes, I'm kinda scared to see how much it is!


LeighAnn said...

That is going to be a bit of money. I just paid mine twice by accident. Hopefully yours will have been paid for you! Let us know how much it came to!

Andie said...

WOW. that sucks.

Most utility companies have monkeys working for them. you know, like in that commercial.

Joe Block said...

it's joe from batg2. just wanted to say hi and thanks for posting. the map room is cool and my neighbors tell me the hopleaf is great too. i would also recommend the beer bistro on monday's for $5 pizza night. maybe that can be your exploring west loop entry. ok talk to you soon.