Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hot Fun at the World's Largest Block Party

I spent Friday and Saturday night at what is un-officially known as the World's Largest Single's Party. Otherwise known as the Old St. Pat's Annual Block Party, this event has been the scene where over 70 now-married couples have met. Since I am involved with the World's Best Boyfriend (hee hee), I didn't have a need to meet anyone. So why did I go? Well...the answer is CAKE. No...not the tasty dessert, but the band. The awesome, catchy tune creating band. They performed on Friday and they were everything I expected! In order to see CAKE for a reduced price, I volunteered on Saturday night. Honestly, volunteering allowed me to do some of the best people watching this city has to offer! I hope that people who were searching for that connection found it, whether it was for the long haul or for the night;-)

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