Sunday, August 17, 2008

I <3 fresh produce

for the past month, I've been getting the majority of my produce from the local Green Market held in a local park near the beach. At first, I used to go with specific goals in mind (like I have to get 2 tomatoes). However, going to a local farmer's market with a shopping list is not very productive. It's better to wing it and make decisions based on the selection. Then based on what you get, develop your menu. I feel that I made out with some superb produce yesterday, spending a grant total of $18. I came home with:

1 huge green bell pepper (which was used today to make beef fajitas)
6 ears of sweet corn (3 of them were served for dinner tonight)
6 medium zucchinis (2 served this evening -- using my favorite stuffed zucchini recipe)
6 huge tomatoes (1 used yesterday to make a tomato sandwich on italian whole grain)
2 lbs of green beans
1 huge italian eggplant (will be used tomorrow along with the tomatoes to make roasted eggplant, tomato and mozzarella stacks---and also to be used on Tuesday to make paninis)
1 lb of Muscadine grapes (I had never tried these before, but very good!)

Can't wait to see what I will get next week!


Diana said...

Hey Girlie!

Saw you post on Karyn's blog and I thought I'd drop by to say Hi!

How you be? :)

The Working Girl said...

Where is the farmer's market? How did I not know we had one at the beach??