Thursday, August 10, 2006


**Please note: This is only a partly related Chicago posting!**

On Monday, I went to the White Sox/Angels game at US Cellular Field. This was a make up game from the rained out one in May. Even though the Sox lost, I had a good time with friends. Plus I finally got to try corn OFF the cob. They scrape the corn off and you can pick your seasonings. I got salt, butter and red pepper.

On Tuesday, one of my friends asks me if I would want to go to Milwaukee (Miller Park) for the Brewers/Cubs game. I'm no Cubs fan, but the opportunity to add another MLB park to my list was too good to pass up! So we made the trek up to Milwaukee, enjoyed our club level seats and listened to trash talking Cubs fans.

Here is the list of MLB parks visited with their home team in parenthese. These are in order attended, so you Sox fans, don't flip on me that Wrigley is listed before The Cell lol

Turner Field (Atlanta Braves)
Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs)
US Cellular Field - aka The Cell (Chicago White Sox)
Miller Park (Milwaukee Brewers)

Of course I would want to see games in all the parks, but here is my wish list for future park visits:

Camden Yards (Baltimore Orioles)
Shea Stadium (New York Mets)
Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox)
AT&T Park (San Francisco Giants)

Enough about baseball, I have some fun stories from when my sister visited. Specifically ones that discuss peeing apes and monkeys with prominant anatomy, but I will have to write it up when I'm not feeling so lazy!

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Andie said...

I went to Turner Field this weekend! My first MLB game! It was cool!

and wow, you went to Milwaukee... did you go to Miller Brewery? it's right around the way from Miller Park! :)