Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Gangsters + Meat + Baseball = Perfect Boyfriend Visit

My wonderful boyfriend has been visiting me for the past several days. I took time off from work too so it was like a real vacation! Except I didn't have to leave the city and I got to sleep in my own bed :)

Some Blog-related highlights...

(1) Untouchables Tour - There is a tour that takes you to all the major landmarks of Chicago Mob history. Ths bus tour lasted about an hour and 45 minutes. We hit up Holy Name Church on State St... then the Southside (Al Capone country)...then the Westside (Pilsen and Little Italy)...and finished up at the site of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre on Clark St. in Lincoln Park. I highly recommend this tour if you are interested in the history of organized crime in Chicago. The people who run the tour are fun and just the right amount of cheesy.

(2) Sal & Carvao - This is my favorite Brazillian churrascaria in Chicago. Fogo is more popular but it is always way too crowded. At Sal & Carvao, the wait staff takes excellent care of you. It is never too busy and provides a cal dining environment. If you have never dined ar a churrascaria, here is a crash course. There is no menu. You pay a flat price that includes an amazing salad bar and an insane assortment of meats. At Sal & Carvao, they serve 14 types of meat--from flank steak to filet mignon to parmesean crusted pork. All the meats are served on swords by men dressed as Brazillian Gauchos. A tasty tasty treat for sure!

(3) Cubs game - One of my friends at the Tribune hooked us up with some pretty sweet seats to the game. We were 8 rows from the field. We got to see the pklayers warming up. Plus we saw just how skinny Juan Pierre is LOL. No wonder he can move so fast and steal those bases! The cubs got beat badly but the St. Louis Cardinals, but with the Old Style beer flowing--who really cared? Wrigley Field is an experience that all baseball fans should have the opportunity to have.


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Andie said...

writing all of this down! thanks!