Thursday, August 10, 2006

R.I.P. Marshall Fields

On September 9th, Marshall Fields will be no longer. It will be reborn as Macy's. Now I don't have anything against Macy's. I love the Thanksgiving Day parade. However, it is hard to imagine that there will no longer be Fields in Chicago.

When I first moved to the city, the Fields on State Street was like a beacon of light in the big bad city. There is a magical feeling when you walk into Fields. It was comforting. I didn't need to buy anything to feel how special this place was. Even before moving here, I was exposed to Fields. When I was in elementary school, my aunt and uncle always bought me a Field's Christmas Bear.

Now the green and cream colors will be replaced with the Macy's red. The building will always be known as the Marshall Fields building, but the place as we once knew it will be gone.

No matter what, I'll still be a Fields Girl!

1 comment:

Andie said...

I suffer from a similar problem!

We had Macy's but it closed after the hurricane and isn't reopening!

And we've never had marshall fields! bummer!